Our Services

Lyons Specialized has a number of services available. Our 19 axle is the cornerstone of our operation, with flat deck and perimeter frame options for a customizable solution for your larger freight. Our brokerage division has a variety of trailer configurations available, and can handle any type of project moves you have.

Our pilotcars are state-of-the-art, with GPS navigation and our own design in electronic height poles. We also offer custom setup and installation of all pilotcar equipment, including the height poles. Please click on the list for more details, or contact us directly for more information.


19 Axle:
Our 19 with the flat deck can be adjusted from 26' up to 48' in the bed. This allows us to use the smallest well possible for your load to cut down on permit expense. On this piece for Thermal Engineering, we used all 48' to move this cooling bundle from Sapulpa, OK to Pueblo, CO.

Perimeter Deck:
Our perimeter deck can be set up in 10' sections all the way to 60' long. It also expands hydraulically from an interior of 10' out to 18' wide. There are a multitude of ways this frame can be customized for a specific need; we have saddles, clips, and crossmembers, all of which can be modified and placed in the trailer to fit any piece of freight.

The 6 crossmembers are rated 57,000 lbs. each, and can be installed anywhere within the frame in 24" intervals. This means that the "floor" can be adjusted to hold a piece according to it's structural requirements.

On this project (below) for BECO in Arkansas, we used 50' of the perimeter with the crossmembers and expanded the bed to 14' inside.

Here we have the perimeter with saddles instead of crossmembers and all 60' in moving a dryer drum for Acher Daniels Midland (ADM) in Clinton IA.

The saddles pictured below were made to fit so that the 16'6" diameter drum was down inside the rails 18 inches.

The clips below were manufactured to support the gearbox pictured to the left. The frame of the shipping rack sits down on them, lowering the piece 22" inside the rails. Four of them carry 165,000 pounds on this project.

Pilot Car/Escort Vehicle:

Our pilot cars are GPS equipped and feature dual electronic height poles to make sure that your project gets to its destination ontime with no mishaps.

Our escort vehicles are equipped with the newest DeLorme GPS software in a laptop. With the permitted route preset in the computer, nearly all the guesswork about where the load is supposed to be is eliminated. This allows the driver to focus on moving the load safely rather than looking for road signs, and the chances of a costly delay or permit violation due to a missed turn are greatly diminished.

Most pilot cars are set up with one height pole which is set 6" above the load height. This means that if a bridge is tapped, the operator has to guess how much clearance the load will have at speed. It is nearly impossible to do this, which means that the driver has to stop in traffic and crawl under the bridge. This not only endangers the public, it could mean damage to the load.


We are equipped with 2 height poles. They are electronic, each with a distinct buzzer
in the cab. With this system, we set one pole just above the load height, and the other 4-6" higher than the load. With this feature, it is then easy for the escort to tell if a close structure will be cleared without risking the load, and greatly reduces the need to stop the load in traffic.

Our pilot car drivers are fully certified, including the Kansas superload certification, as well as the new Utah certification, which is recognized in almost every state. (For more information on UT certification, please go to www.uspilotcar.com )




Super 13 Trunion with Air Ride:

This is our brand new super 13 trunion built by Nelson Trailers. It is CA certified up to 240k payload. It features air-ride suspension which eliminates the shaking and jarring associated with normal trunion setups.
We have retro-fitted our perimeter deck to fit this trailer, so we have up to 60' of deck for this configuration.

Let us know how we can assist with your next big move!